The Church…maybe?

One of my greatest joys right now is that I am able to go to church with Stephen every Sunday. It just so happens that the church he’s working at is also my home church. Sunday’s feel like going home for family dinner. Church has always been a high priority in my life. Yes, the … Continue reading

Fall Changes

Hello my sweet readers! It is truly, and finally, a beautiful fall day. Though I must say, temps in 80s don’t really help me feel fallish. Nevertheless, the sun is shining through my new ombre red and gold curtains as I sit in my new apartment. Even though the paintings are still leaning up agains … Continue reading

I admit

I’m angry. Just angry. Lost in the details of what has come about, the big picture has become a clouded sky, hiding the stars and the moon. What was has disappeared. Towed off. Written off in a check. And I just can’t let it go. I want to go back to Egypt. Where life was … Continue reading

My Make-Up Bag

Hey y’all! It has been so long since I’ve posted something fun! Too long! So I thought we could take a journey into the thing I dive into just about everyday: Tricia’s Infamous Make-Up Bag {hahaha} Okay, maybe not infamous, but it is something that I end up using almost everyday, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

A Friday Fun list

Happy Friday! It seems that in the blogging world, Friday has become list post day. So, in the spirit of listing, I have created a list of things I am looking forward to. 1) Moving into my new apartment: My parents have been incredible caretakers, and have put up with a lot. Despite that, I … Continue reading

1 month: It’s time

It has been one month since my accident. 1 month. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but in that time I’ve realized a few things. For example, Wallowing is exhausting for the wallower and everyone around them. Not accepting the reality will come back to bite you. For me it’s when I verbalize this grouping … Continue reading

The Right Thing

I’ve learned through this experience of injury that very few people are capable of saying the “right” thing. Or is it that when your the one receiving all the words during the difficult time that nothing can claim the position of being right thing? Even if it was right, you, I, can’t hear it. Drowned … Continue reading

Realizations of the Injured

It is very difficult to get motivated about anything, EXCEPT for the things that you cannot do, which you are highly motivated to complain about not doing.  Realizing that you are a control freak, only after losing complete control over most of your life. It is possible not to shower everyday, as long as you … Continue reading

What happened

A phrase you welcome during exciting times in your life. A daunting one when life hands you excitement in a not so positive form. Over the past two weeks, this question has popped up everywhere, and I’ve mostly been able to defer it to my parents or boyfriend. Now that I am no longer in … Continue reading

I wonder…

I have been overwhelmingly surrounded by change lately. Strangely enough, it’s not my changes I’m talking about. In all honesty, I feel about the same. It’s odd to feel the same while many around you are in the windstorms of change. I listen to friends as they say goodbye to their parents and grandparents in … Continue reading

Today you are 21

Bagwa, Today you are 21. Congratulations! And though this significant birthday is typically about a night out on the town, I would rather focus on something else. I don’t quite remember if I was happy about getting a baby brother, but mom’s gift of a baby doll to me helped with the transition. What I … Continue reading

9 months of Advent {Month 3}

Be sure to check out the other 9 Months of Advent posts! My 9 Months of Advent 9 months of Advent {March Post: Say What?!} 9 Months of Advent {End of Month 1} {The Unplanned Plan} 9 Months of Advent Month 2 39 Mary got up and hurried to a city in the Judean highlands. 40 She entered … Continue reading